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The Centre for Scientific Computing & Complex Systems Modelling (SCI-SYM) is a centre of excellence for researchers working in high performance computing (HPC) applied to computational and mathematical models for complex systems in engineering, natural and applied sciences. It has been created in 2007. 

Sci-Sym as University Designated Reseach Centre (UDRC). 

Scientific Computing and Complex Systems explores models of the natural and artificial world, through high performance computer solutions of problems, which, due to their complexity, are intractable by conventional methods such as experimental, mathematical or semi-analytical methods alone. Complex systems arise in a variety of fields, e.g. physics, biology, chemistry, eco- and other hybrid sciences, finance, socio-economic phenomena, and others and are truly interdisciplinary. In some cases, a formal model may be proposed and investigated; in others large amounts of data may be mined and empirically analysed or computational models may be designed and tested against available data.

To read a more detailed presentation of the Sci-Sym center, download this pdf presentation or simply read more.




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